Step by Step Audition Process:

1. Record a video of yourself singing a verse and chorus of two songs that show your vocal range (one ballad and one up-tempo/comedy). Please make sure to state your first and last name within the video.





2. Fill out the contact information form so we can get in touch with you regarding next steps.

*All videos and contact information will remain private and confidential.

Welcome to Connect Theatre! We're excited you're here!

Please see information below regarding our upcoming auditions for SHREK THE MUSICAL! Feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

A little about Connect Theatre:

  • Connect Theatre is a youth theatre project that supports youth between the ages of 14 and 24 in their journey to become better actors.  

  • Past productions include FOOTLOOSE (2017) GUYS AND DOLLS (2018) and MAMMA MIA (2019)

  • Our mission is to create amazing theatre, support and engage youth, and help youth develop effective interpersonal and collaborative skills!

  • Participants are required to sign a contract to ensure that we, as a theatre company, remain inclusive, kind, and professional.

  • Our 2021 production of SHREK will run the second week of May 2021

  • Successful candidates must be available Sundays from 2-6. 

  • The plan this year is to have smaller group rehearsals rather than larger group rehearsals; the rehearsal schedule will be set based on successful cast schedules on November 28th; actors should be prepared for a time commitment of between 1 or 2 evenings each week--depending on their role in the production.


  • All participants in the show and production must be double vaccinated; and we will continue to follow all Government protocols and restrictions throughout the run

  • Confidently moving forward, we are making plans to stage the show outside if restrictions resume in May

  • If you are still trying to complete your vaccine cycle, but want to audition, please email us at in addition to uploading your video.



  • Video auditions will be accepted until midnight Tuesday, November 16th, 2021.

  • You will receive a confirmation and a short audition profile form after you submit your video--email the form back to us once you complete it!

  • In Person Call Backs will occur at THE DUNDAS BAPTIST CHURCH 201 GOVERNORS ROAD, DUNDAS on Monday, November 22th in 15-minute individual windows between 4:00 and 8:30.

  • Double vaccinated parents and guardians are welcome to attend the callback auditions; masks will be required

  • Call back notifications will be sent by email and phone; actors will be asked to prepare a song from the show to perform at the callback based on the role they are in line for

  • All actors and parents/guardians will need to show proof of 2nd vaccination immediately upon arrival.



  • The Hamilton Community Foundation provides funding to help us make this experience an equitable one through the Dougher Community Fund

  • Each actor in the production is required to pay only $100 to be in the production and then receives 2 tickets to the show.

  • All actors that complete the run with 3 or fewer missed rehearsals receive a gratitude honorarium of $50 at the close of the show.

  • If this fee is a barrier to you, accommodations can be made upon request.