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COVID-19 Update

*October 20th, 2021

Dear Connect Theatre Community

Connect Theatre is excited to be reopening for our production season in 2021. As more and more of the population is becoming vaccinated and case rates remain low, we feel it is once again possible to start preparations for our community live theatre production. Even though society is returning to normal, we will still be making a few health and safety changes to our regular operations.

Some new measures that will be implemented include:

  • All members of the cast and crew are required to be fully vaccinated, and all government health and safety protocols must be followed

  • Social Distancing and Masks when social distancing is not possible

  • We are making plans to stage the show outdoors and social distancing audience to reduce risk of spread of the virus.


More modifications and measures may be needed as the season goes on but we are confident in the possibility of returning to our stage this coming May!

We look forward to welcoming both our theatre family and the rest of the Dundas/Hamilton community back into our theatre space in the coming months


The Connect Theatre Project

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